IONBLUE SweetDream

IONBLUE SweetDream

1. Sleep induction

  • Special wavelength LED that promotes the production of melatonin hormone (hormone that induces sleep) to relieve insomnia and increase immunity

2. Air purification

  • Removal of suspended substances (cigarette smoke, fine dust, mold) by adsorption
  • Removal of cation in tobacco smoke, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, etc. through chemical decomposition of various organic molecules
  • Filtering fine particulate matter with bamboo-activated charcoal filter

3. Small but powerful function

  • Use of carbon fiber composite cluster ion: more than 1 million + and – ion respectively per 1 cc

4. Ozone safety

  • Maintains the lowest level of ozone generation by using ultra-fine carbon fiber discharge electrode that operates well even at low voltage

5. Deodorization

  • Deodorization through neutralization of odor-causing substance with hydroxyl radicals and anions
IONBLUE SweetDream