1. Drowsiness suppression

  • Maximization of drowsiness suppression effect through the combination of anion-stimulated metabolism and LED lighting technology

2. Air purification

  • Removal of suspended substances (cigarette smoke, fine dust, mold) by adsorption
  • Removal of cation in tobacco smoke, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, etc. through chemical decomposition of various organic molecules

3. Small but powerful function

  • Use of carbon fiber composite cluster ion: more than 1 million + and – ion respectively per 1 cc

4. Ozone safety

  • Maintains the lowest level of ozone generation by using ultra-fine carbon fiber discharge electrode that operates well even at low voltage

5. Deodorization

  • Deodorization through neutralization of odor-causing substance with hydroxyl radicals and anions

6. Use of lithium-ion battery which charges with a USB charger for smartphones

  • Easy to charge, easy to use anywhere

7. Application of patented technology for easy removal of air vent in the automobile air conditioner



Mode and Battery Indicators



Charge MINI USB (MINI A TYPE) Ion Capacity (+),(-) Ion each over 1 million
Input 5±10% [VDC] Ozone level Less than 50 ppb
Charging Time 2 hours Size W62 x L110 x D28
Power Consumption 1Wh Weight 120 grams
Battery operation 4 hours Modes Shake-off, Driving, Ion


IONBLUE, USB Charging Cable, User's Guide, Neck Strap


99.9% removal of harmful fine particles

  • Clean air from 5 exits!

    • Spread of plasma ion cluster from 5 exits purifies the air, and DC fan accelerates ion cluster to move faster, especially
      when installed in car air vent.
  • Powerful sterilization & Ozone Safety

    • Carbone embed-filter and plasmatic ion cluster over 1 million per 1cc create the dual purification system.
    • Oxidation of negative ions and hydroxyl radicals are removing the harmful air-bone microbes and suppressing the molds
    • Assurance of ozone safe level on the discharge electrode of carbon fiber type ionizer, compared to acicular metallic
      type ionizer
  • Removal of odor!

    • Removal of odor by hydroxyl radical, -ion and carbon embed filtration


The world’s first application of
LED lighting of controlling circadian rhythm

  • Blue LED lighting technology which NASA selected to adjust metabolism of astronauts
  • Blue wavelength stimulates the nerve cells in the retina, and thus the production of melatonin is suppressed Without looking at the
    LED light during driving, sleeping mechanism can be interrupted by the light.
  • Negative ions help boost your metabolism, and maximize drowsiness suppression effect, combined by LED lighting technology
  • Driving mode is recommended during the driving at night.
  • IOBLUE Shake-off is an auxiliary device to help drivers stay awake, and drowsiness suppression effect is different between
Stimulation of the nerve cells in the retina → Suppression of melatonin production → Suppression of drowsiness

*Melatonin : hormone that causes sleepiness

Optimization of blue Lighting operating time through a preclinical test :

decreased by 30% → decreased by 53%

The decrement of melatonin, compared to the melatonin in control froup Without looking at the LED light, sleeping mechanism can be interrupted by the light.
Thus, the recommended is center vent of front seats